What makes Apple Laptops More Reliable When Compared to Windows?

If you have followed a conversation or topic relating to Apple, you must have come across debates as to the superiority/inferiority of Apple when compared to its competitors. Both sets of supporters can make reasonable arguments but ultimately, it is Apple that gets quite a bit of criticism from anti-Apple fans. The main thing to notice is that most of these people are ones that cannot afford the high prices of Apple products. While, the argument against the high price is fair to a certain extent, Apple has its own pros which have elevated the brand into people’s hearts. This is especially important when it comes to the reliability factor of their computers when compared to the Windows operating system.

One of the main reasons is the amount of effort that goes into the production of both systems. While Windows is just an operating system, Apple make every single component of their computers and focus greatly on how these will co-ordinate to result in high levels of reliability and high performance. Apple have full control over the production of their products which is bound to produce more fruitful results. In comparison, Windows have no control over the rest of the components that will make up a particular laptop or desktop!

HP Continue with their Cheap Linux Laptops Project

HP Linux laptopHP has focused a great deal on satisfying the low-end market for their laptops and notebooks. Most of these have been very popular due to their low cost and basic features. They seem to be set on continuing this plan by releasing a new line of inexpensive laptops which are based on the Linus operating system.

All of these machines will be available in a screen size of 15.6 inches. This new line is expected to be released this month but it is thought that they will not utilize the newly released Ubuntu 15.04 version of Linux. Instead, the line will operate using Ubuntu 14.04.

Due to common problems associated with the Linux system when compared to Windows, HP raised a few eyebrows when they announced this new line of laptops. However, they did trial the Ubuntu system in one device in the previous year. This device achieved quite a bit of success in terms of sales and popularity, which spurred HP on to go ahead with the production of another line.

It certainly seems like these laptops will challenge the Chromebooks developed by Google. The HP laptops will provide larger storage space along with several other advantages.

At the end of the day, a large screen size, plenty of storage and memory, all for a reasonable price sounds pretty damn good!

The New Lenovo LaVie Z is Even Lighter than the New Macbook

Apple have taken the first to revolutionize the laptop and notebook market with the new Macbook. While their current range of Macbook Air and Pro has achieved tremendous success, the new Macbook is even better and sleeker in appearance. While it was thought that the new Macbook would remain the thinnest and slimmest for some time, Lenovo have surprised us all with the LaVie Z.

This is a Windows laptop and would be an ideal alternative for those who would like an extremely thin laptop without paying over the top for the new Macbook. There are several other advantages of the LaVie Z which make it an impressive machine. For example, it has a 13.3 inch screen when compared to the 12 inch screen of the Macbook. Despite this, it weighs less than the Apple machine which is quite an impressive feat.

In terms of the dimensions, LaVie Z is quite promising. However, it doesn’t manage to edge the Macbook. The new Macbook is just slightly thinner but the Lenovo doesn’t disappoint either.

Of course, as with most laptops, there are several pros and cons of both machines. In the case of the Macbook, it’s retina display clearly beats the display incorporated into the Lenovo. Considering the fact that both machines are similarly priced, most people would probably opt for the new Macbook. However, if you’re looking for a thin Windows notebook just like the Mac then the Lenovo LaVie Z provides reasonable competition. It’s got a lot of praise from technology experts as well. Laptopmag described it as a stunning laptop.